Where It Started

It all started one fine morning, where three friends always meet up and walk a few rounds at a public park and suddenly they decided to start a business based on sweets because one of the 3 friends is a highly experienced person in the field of sweets production.

As months were passing, They finally decided to set-up an online sweet shop (Apparently were the first in Chennai).

So after the decision was finalized these 3 friends with the involvement of the thier families, Finally started Chennai’s first 24*7 Online sweet shop in the name of “GRAND LADDU WALA”.

Our Vision

We are a new kind of E-Commerce company but we have plans of opening GRAND LADDU WALA even in other major Cities.

Within few months we are going to set-up a physical Sweet shop in Chennai (In a Grandeur way for sure).

Why choose us?

  • We make all our sweets with GHEE only!!
  • FREE DELIVERY to anywhere in Chennai, Evenif you order only 1 box of sweet(yes, even the Rs.135/- Qtr kg Boondhi Laddu)
  • You can taste a sample piece (Rs.15/-) first and then buy our sweets.
  • You can also cancel your orders at any time. Even when our delivery boy is with your sweets at your door step but will be charged only Rs.50/- irrespective of the amount of your order.
  • All our prices are inclusive of all taxes and is the Net price + Free delivery :) (now howz tat??)
  • You can compare our prices with any other leading sweet shop in Chennai.
  • We take bulk orders(min 50kgs) Call us at 044-31-003-003
  • We also deliver INVITATION CARDS(for free) to any desired destination in Chennai by just ordering any of our sweets.